How and Why I Revamped the Kayako Newsletter Design

Please raise your hand if you run an email newsletter and you find getting clicks incredibly tough. Please raise your other hand if you think your newsletter design has something to do with that. Having someone open your email is the ultimate privilege but not providing something that’s relevant to their needs is the ultimate … Read moreHow and Why I Revamped the Kayako Newsletter Design

Without a Mission, Values or a Statement

Not every movement needs a declaration. But it helps focus us on our goals. A mission allows to see what the end result of our actions will materialize as. In business often that’s filling the market with something that didn’t exist in that space before — and to be recognized for occupying that space. Values allow us … Read moreWithout a Mission, Values or a Statement

A Department as a Philosophy

Businesses operate around a certain methodology. They believe in a process that’s best for their customers. For example, being a customer-driven company means revolving your whole organization on catering to the customer. But, being a customer-driven company doesn’t just come out of the blue. It has to come from the top down to the bottom … Read moreA Department as a Philosophy

Blogs Versus Publications

What’s the difference between a blog and a publication? Blogs publish actionable steps. Publications just push stories out as often as possible. With a publication there’s a tendency to write about everything, and often. With a blog you can be focused, and become a master of a subject. Image: Orbit Media As blogs scale, they have … Read moreBlogs Versus Publications

Strategic Steady Growth Isn’t Noticeable

We’re used to hearing about the next big growth hack where the Y axis suddenly shoots off the charts. But growth can’t consistently work like that, growth will always level-out (otherwise the word climax wouldn’t exist). But it’s only rapid changes like this we notice. Why is that? The human body can give us a … Read moreStrategic Steady Growth Isn’t Noticeable

Nice Reading vs Actionable Reading

When a reader tunes into a piece they have a certain goal they want to accomplish. They want to be engaged and taken on a journey. For a writer, the most interesting discovery you can make in both journalism (and fiction) is a transformation someone made in how they view, delivered, and experienced something. And here … Read moreNice Reading vs Actionable Reading

Everyone’s a Content Marketer

Everyone thinks that running a company blog is easy. You just write best practices about your product’s industry and suddenly you’re rich in traffic and email subscribers. What a fallacy. Everyone from the founders to the customer support department have an opinion on what the organization’s blog should be about. These opinions often fall into … Read moreEveryone’s a Content Marketer

Is It Worth Doing If It Isn’t Great?

Doing something to the standard of good is actually average work. It’s true, the only two types of customer service you’ll hear about are excellent customer service and poor customer service. You’ll never hear someone talk about good customer service, because that’s the benchmark, the standard, the status-quo. Good customer serivce is ordinary. It meets … Read moreIs It Worth Doing If It Isn’t Great?