A Department as a Philosophy

Businesses operate around a certain methodology. They believe in a process that’s best for their customers. For example, being a customer-driven company means revolving your whole organization on catering to the customer.

But, being a customer-driven company doesn’t just come out of the blue. It has to come from the top down to the bottom of the organization. It’s not just a nice to have it’s a philosophy.

The key to success for any customer-driven business is the shift from the top-down approach to bottom-up.

Meaning, that employees empower the philosophy and leave it with every single interaction they have with a customer. Whether that’s in the marketing, sales or customer service departments.

But that’s where it gets tricky for the organization. Just because the philosophy has gained momentum and every employee believes in it, the business has to want to continually to invest in it.

That applies to many business strategies.

If you are customer first business, will you invest in support team tools, employees, and development?

If you are content marketing first business, is it just a free way to get search engine exposure? Or, are you going to hire the best editors, writers, and marketers?

If you’re a sales driven business, will you allow cold emailing or cold calling? Or are your sales team well equipped with empathy to understand needs, wants, and potential objections of a customer persona?

A philosophy is more than just a label or a nice to have, the business has to want to invest in it.

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