A Freelancer Course: “Permission”

Permission as a freelancer

How many people would complain if you didn’t send out your newsletter or brochure?

0… But that’s because I don’t have either…Now that’s something to consider.

Clearly articulate what promise you make to those that give you permission.

There are no promises. I blog occasionally, I don’t write up any value for businesses and I don’t have a brochure. The blog is a mix between personal stories and a journal.

What makes your marketing anticipated, personal and relevant?

[It will be] That it is honest and authentic, spoken right to the heart of the issues.

What could you promise that people would look forward to?

A genuinely written helpful piece of text that is relevant, engaging and specific. That when people think: “if I have a problem with my customers and I need some help getting them back, I’ll know where I’ll go to find that solution.” And that place will hopefully be me/here.

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