A Positive Lead. A Sample of Work. A mild Success

So this was one of the first pitches I made. It took a while for me to post this sample just because of an error on my part. Annoyingly I may have missed a good opportunity.  I got in touch with Natalie Sisson, and offered her some freework. What I didn’t realise is the Mail app on my mac sent it from my old student email account, which I rarely check nowadays (as there’s no point really), so it took me over a week to reply.

Natalie Sisson is an author and freelancer in many different aspects of gaining work. The part that appeals to me most is she has sussed out a way to manage to bring in various different parts of income into her life through business. This is something I’d really like to learn these days. As we all know, there’s no such thing as a secure career or job these days.


After that intro, here’s my pitch:

After visiting your site countless times, I’ve come up with a few suggestions that could improve your readers’ experience. Here are two of the things I think you need…

1) Professional sounding audio. Right now, whilst the audio quality is good on your podcasts. It is audible that these are not mixed or mastered to a standard that makes vocals clear and easy to hear (think listening through headphones in a busy street).

What it would take: A quick EQ mix, some compression and limiting on the audio signal.

How I could help: I worked as an audio engineer for 3 years, I am used to mixing and mastering. I could easily do this for you, with no delay on your weekly upload schedule.

What are the benefits to you: Your readers and listeners will be able to hear the audio clearly. There will be no muddy sounds in there, or any background noises. Audio will sound like it was professionally recorded even though you record these podcasts on the move.

2) A better archive of your blogs and podcasts. Currently, your blogs and podcasts content is constantly to a high standard. But there will be better pieces of material that gain more reads or listens. Plus people would rather you list them than find them within the archives on the right hand side.

What it would take: A quick update to your site and add a best articles section.

How I can help: Position your top blogs and podcasts into categories so it sells your business and lifestyle image. Introduce a page with categories of top 5 blogs that would archive under Career, Life, Marketing and Interviews & Press.

What are the benefits to you: People come to your site to read great material, but if you analyse your own traffic  and where your top hits lay and then list it – this will help old and new readers to your site. They can then search the archives if they want to read or hear more.


And Natalie’s Response was positive:

Natalie Sisson's Response


So I set about editing a sample of one of her podcasts and sent it back to her with exactly what I had done. Of course apologising for that late reply because of the email account mix up.


You can find a sample of my audio work here, my edit is from 0-1min & 1min+ is the original:
What I did: I added some EQ, compression and a limiter.
What you can expect to hear: 
EQ was to get rid of muddy audio sounds, giving the audio some clarity and the voices easier to hear.
Compression and limiter work together, they provide a steady audio sound, it makes the audio levels the same between your voice and the person you’re interviewing. In this podcast I could tell from the recording that the mic placement was off, the samsung mic you were using was pointed at and setup nearest to your guest. However since you mentioned you don’t want perfect audio, this is the best method and I can still work around this issue.
Most noticeable:
To me I believe they are both edits that are noticeable. However I believe what you can hear the most is the stability in the audio level staying at the same volume through out my edit compered to the original.
I would be interested in your thoughts on this.


And that’s how it’s been left.

If there’s anything to consider, Entrepreneurs operate at breakneck speed, a week and a half delay on reply is probably about a 3-4 weeks in the real life. It would be excellent to work with Natalie because of the amount of things I could learn on the way (and career benefits I noted at the top). But I guess the reality, it’s not always possible and of course the learning curve – always check your sending mail address!

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