Showing, Not Telling Is Still the Biggest Hurdle in Content

Many bad guest post samples have come into the Kayako blog recently. One reason was because the page was visible to Google, so Sir Spamalot and his friends were pitching me crap. But mainly what was wrong with the posts is the lack of depth they go into. They insist on telling, not showing. Good writing … Read more

How and Why I Revamped the Kayako Newsletter Design

Please raise your hand if you run an email newsletter and you find getting clicks incredibly tough. Please raise your other hand if you think your newsletter design has something to do with that. Having someone open your email is the ultimate privilege but not providing something that’s relevant to their needs is the ultimate … Read more

How to Get Social Media Traffic from Medium, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Marketers all over the internet know that social media can help bring traffic to their blogs or websites. It’s a message that’s shared far and wide, yet no one has included the recipe for that secret sauce. Yet, we’re dealing with a new kind of social media, or a social media 2.0. Before social media … Read more

Five Fundamentals of Simple SEO on WordPress . Com

Optimizing for SEO on (not .org, see the difference) can be tricky. This is because you’re not given plugin tools like Yoast or All in One SEO that can make search engine ranking easier. And, to make matters worse, WordPress tell you their blogs are built with SEO in mind, but they don’t actually tell you … Read more

How to Turn Your Kayako Internship into a Full Time Job

Getting a foot in the entrepreneurial and tech world can be one of the hardest feats to conquer. Let alone finding a specific or set method to start an internship and secure it as a full-time position. When I was first getting started in the tech world, I had some prior knowledge of what to … Read more

Craft out a Facebook Strategy and Get Readers to Your Blog

Everyone wants to pull traffic to their site from Facebook. But being active on Facebook is one of the main anxieties for any budding entrepreneur or blog enthusiast. There’s some specific ways to increase your reach, get more interactions and build traffic back to your blog. The only thing you need is a Facebook strategy. … Read more

The Simple Way to Get People to Read Your Blog Post on Facebook

One of the main issues with running a blog is getting readers. But attracting readers IS the hard part, it can be overwhelming deciding where and how to start. Many people use social media to attract new readers to read their blog posts, download their ebooks, or sign up to their mailing lists. But, if … Read more

What Twitter Growth Hacking Tool Should I Use?

There’s a constant pressure to have a professional presence on social media. It’s easy to stress over whether to choose Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest or even Google+. It’s down to you — the individual, but for twitter there’s an abundance of growth hacking tools to make your life easier. and are similar in … Read more