A Freelancer Course: “Organise and Connect”

How and what can you organise and connect? What? – informal request to attend; Breakfasts, lunches, group meetings and coffees How? – Ask the best CEOs/business developers to come down and talk strategies on recruiting new business and/or dealing with clients with an informal request. List people within your sphere who are disconnected. What do … Read more

The Best Psychological Tactic for Gaining a New Client

The most important thing is: Taking potential objection and putting it up front. You need to put the reason why the client shouldn’t buy from you first. This dramatically changes the tone of your speech. It shows you understand them, and have courtesy over the time they are investing in the conversation. An example: If you’re … Read more

A Freelancer Course: “Permission”

How many people would complain if you didn’t send out your newsletter or brochure? 0… But that’s because I don’t have either…Now that’s something to consider. Clearly articulate what promise you make to those that give you permission. There are no promises. I blog occasionally, I don’t write up any value for businesses and I … Read more

A Freelancer Course: “Develop A Unique Voice”

If you could choose an archetype or extreme (edgecraft), what do you want your brand or work to be known for? Confident, Organised, Dependable, Knowledgeable & Passionate List 5 ways you could express these attributes. Confident: Showing a desire in my own work and that my method will work. But more importantly showing and demonstrating … Read more

A Freelancer Course: “B2B Sales” (Your Client)

What is your client afraid their boss will think if they say yes? That I’m not qualified; “you took a gamble on unmesaruable results?” or, “This is not important to us right now” or, “What did you really buy?” What would your client tell their boss to explain why they bought from you? His strategy … Read more

A Freelancer Course: “Rank Yourself” – I Need Reputation

Compared to others who do what you do, rank yourself on: reputation, knowledge, expertise, tools, handiness. This is an interesting one because I feel like growth and content strategy are very unique. So these are out of 1-10. 1= Lowest, 10= Highest.   Reputation = 1. No one knows who I am or what I … Read more

A Freelancer course: “What Do You Provide?”

Carrying on in a similar fashion as my last post, A Freelancer Course: Who Are You? This is another section to complete via ebook hand out from Seth Godin’s Udemy course a course for freelancers who want to move up. [Questions and header are from the course]   What do people buy when they buy something from … Read more