“I Have a Friend Who’s Done That”

“I have a friend who’s done that,” you’ll often hear this phrase just as you’re about start something brave. The friend, acquaintance, or coworker will often say this as a way to attach themselves to your dreams, and your bravery. They will ask some questions, but as you try to explain every possible unknown, they … Read more

The OpinionPanel Features Career Boosting Internship Article

Welcome OpinionPanel Readers! Please scroll down to see the email template and a list of articles perfectly picked out for you. I wrote a post over at The OpinionPanel “How to Land a Top Internship.” I wrote about my advice on obtaining a top level internship, which will help you leap frog your friends and propel you … Read more

Video: What is Procrastination and how to Overcome it

In 2014, I collaborated with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Robert Watson on the subject Procrastination, we worked together to design questions and content after a recent speaking event he did on the subject at Birkbeck University. I interviewed Robert as part of promotional content for his professional Psychological therapy services. Podcast, watch below or on Youtube: What is … Read more