The Third Step in A/B Testing

Marketers have once again stolen what isn’t theirs: the A/B test. They have repackaged the scientific split test, and turned it into their unique piece of branding. Look, they’ve even hijacked the wikipedia page too. But at least they’ve kept the definition the same: A/B testing is a term for a randomized experiment with two … Read moreThe Third Step in A/B Testing

What to Do When You’re Not Part of the Cool Gang

Marketing on the internet holds similarities to life on the school playground. Trust me. Go, browse the internet. Look for any blog post that’s titled “15 Experts Weigh in on [your industry and your customer’s number one problem].” As you scroll through the post you’ll see: number one, is a competitor, number two, an affiliate … Read moreWhat to Do When You’re Not Part of the Cool Gang

Writer’s Block Isn’t Real

Writer’s block is man made. It was a coinded phrase by psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler in 1947. Yet, we’re the only group suffering with this problem. The publishing industry has been around for 500 years, and before the 1800’s no one had any issues writing. Why are we first to have discovered the problem? Because writing … Read moreWriter’s Block Isn’t Real

Thought Leadership vs. SEO. Who Do You Write For?

When you publish a blog post for SEO, they’re often met with a sigh by your loyal readers. Yet, without SEO you don’t have any readers. Thought leadership is for your innovators and your early adopters. This is your first 100 customers and your first 1000 subscribers. SEO is for longevity, and for consistent traffic. … Read moreThought Leadership vs. SEO. Who Do You Write For?

The Job of a Writer

The job of a writer is different to a blogger. A blogger usually writes a vulnerable, journal like entry. A writer notices things and comments on them. The job of a writer is hard because self-awareness is hard. What even is self-awareness in writing? It’s the ability to speak up about shared truths, shared principles, … Read moreThe Job of a Writer

Peer Advice Isn’t the Final Say

When I was 16 I writing a short story for my English coursework project. The story was about a car chase. The main character was called The Driver. My idea was to make the driver relatable through heroic actions rather than personality traits. When my teacher told me I needed to develop the character by … Read morePeer Advice Isn’t the Final Say