Creating an Extraordinary Life

We all have waves of frustration, and we all want things right now. That’s what our current society has taught us to expect: If it’s not available now, it’s too long to wait. We’re pushed into a position where our patience is tested truly and mightily. The very thought of having to wait for an indefinite amount of time is painful to the point it makes us almost want to forgo the task at all. This thought process is transcending in me from my work life, to my personal life.


I’m unlike most people right now and know the exact things I want and the exact things that will make me happy. Pursuing a career in Psychology, and a Psychology related field allows you to inspect and learn the very elements of effective self-analysis:

1. I want a freelance career where I’m working on projects I genuinely believe in, helping them be known and succeed.

2. I want a life with my girlfriend where we are not separated by the Atlantic Ocean.

They are the 2 genuine things that will make me happy for the foreseeable future, of course your expectations and needs change as you get used to these things as being “normal.” But if they were to be fulfilled tomorrow then there would a sudden and amazing change in my life and mood.

What we probably fail to realise as people, and what I often fail to realise as an individual is I am making strides towards achieving those very things. Everyday I am getting closer to my dream, I’ve negotiated a successful internship with someone I respect very much. He will be an excellent role model, and a man I can learn from and aid me in process of turning from a boy into a man myself. There’s benefits where I will grow as a professional and as a man. We’ve had several email conversations and an excellent discussion over Skype where he told me he wants to pay me for my work.

Everyday I am closer to having my girlfriend in my life, we have a plan in place and we just have to have hope. Although we hand over our whole hope and life to a government form, we have to just maintain that trust in ourselves. But hope isn’t always enough because you have to prove romance on a series of forms and documented evidence, something that romance doesn’t compute with at all.

Going back to the opening statement of this post; that society allows us to expect things instantly is only halting our progress as individuals, it allows us to filter the idea of hard work because it’s not achievable right now. Nothing attainable was ever achieved over night and it’s hard to forget that when your ego is involved and wrapped around your own progress timeline. Maybe we could blame technology and you can just whip out your smart phone and receive 50 streams of different pieces of information on demand. Shouldering the blame is never an effective method.

Building an extraordinary life is hard work. But it is achievable – as long as you’re precise and methodical. You’ll make mistakes on the way but, a. you’re only human, and  b. it helps you learn.

I’ve never been a person to settle. That word makes me cringe in every way, the thought of settling with a partner, the thought of settling with a job etc. So I guess I have no choice but to try and achieve that extraordinary dream.

I’ve found it ridiculously hard. Everyday it feels like I’m fighting, fighting to stand apart from the rest or fighting to at least have the self respect of being my own person. But I know it won’t get easier. There’s never a point where things become easy for the extraordinary. But things do get better as long as you have faith. Maybe that’s all you can have, faith – that in hard work and dedication, things will come right. At least that’s what I’m banking on, in love and in work.


[Note: The picture I choose is of cell molecular structure, I thought that was pretty extraordinary – it’s from Flickr Creative Commons.]

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