Free Stuff and Expectations

Free stuff and expectationsIt’s always hard to draw the line between what you should get for free and what you should pay for. If anything the internet has taught the former. That everything should be free, and we should expect it to continue to be so.

The dangers of expecting free stuff burns and anguishes the face of gratuity and generosity.


Anyone who works for free will always work for free. No one will ever pay you if you’re a volunteer, because you enjoy doing it right? You’re just an enthusiast right?

What happens when it comes to state and government handouts? “Well you’ve already given me my food allowance this week, so why can’t you pay my gas bill too?” 


“Well I’m out of work, but at least the government will pay the finance for my 50inch TV.”

Or, that time you helped out a friend.

“Hey remember how you used to mow my lawn when I hurt my back? Can I invite you to dinner…but in return could you redevelop and remodel my garden?”

There comes a point where your goodwill will be taken advantage of, especially in everyday life and even by those close around you. But what are you gaining from doing it? You could be building your portfolio, learning a new skill or simply helping a friend. But if you do it too often, don’t be surprised when your willingness is mistaken by expectation.

Sometimes it’s ok to say no, or put a price on your help.


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