Music as Secondary

There was time when we sat down in our favorite armchair, played a vinyl, and put headphones on. Nothing but sitting and listening. Music was primary.

Now, we have boxes in our pockets that can contain any music we want. And we can listen doing anything we want. That’s the problem.

In the age of multi-tasking and instant notifications, music is secondary.

How did music fall from the center of our attention?

A common complaint we’ve all heard: music isn’t as good as it was in the heyday.

First of all it’s unfair to compare a debut album containing 12 tracks by a new band to the whole back catalogue of the Rolling Stones.

Second, are we willing to focus on music?

Should we give demand to a generation that sees music as an accompaniment and not melody.

Would you carry on creating your art or work if you knew it was being used as a backing track?

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