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I wrote a post over at The OpinionPanel “How to Land a Top Internship.” I wrote about my advice on obtaining a top level internship, which will help you leap frog your friends and propel you into your desired field of work.

Read the article here: How to Land a Top Internship this Summer


The article begins like this:

Landing a top internship is the best route to gain first hand experience that will help you build a decent portfolio of work. Over the course of 3 years in your studies, you will have 2 decent summers for getting a good couple of months interning, and the chance of growing as a professional and individual.

Key point of the article:

Here’s the area where most job seekers fail, learn this now and you’ll be well ahead. They are so me focused in their approach, they forget how their presence will benefit the company or person. So keep this in mind: If they take you on, how will it move them forward? It’s ok to be general, but if you have specifics e.g. increase sales / reduce costs / make customers happier, it would be great to note these down, and make sure you tell them.

As promised, I said I would share with you the script I’d written when I worked with James Scouller executive coach and author of the Three Levels of Leadership.

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