A Freelancer course: “What Do You Provide?”

Carrying on in a similar fashion as my last post, A Freelancer Course: Who Are You? This is another section to complete via ebook hand out from Seth Godin’s Udemy course a course for freelancers who want to move up. [Questions and header are from the course]   What do people buy when they buy something from … Read more

Video: What is Procrastination and how to Overcome it

In 2014, I collaborated with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Robert Watson on the subject Procrastination, we worked together to design questions and content after a recent speaking event he did on the subject at Birkbeck University. I interviewed Robert as part of promotional content for his professional Psychological therapy services. Podcast, watch below or on Youtube: What is … Read more

Purple Cow Book Review and How to Apply it’s Lessons

This is another not book review here, this time of Seth Godin’s Purple Cow. For a book that is over 10 years old, it’s crazy how relevant this is still today. It just proves that although interruption marketing has changed and is proven to be ineffective. Seth’s own permission marketing is still very relevant today. … Read more