Strategic Steady Growth Isn’t Noticeable

We’re used to hearing about the next big growth hack where the Y axis suddenly shoots off the charts. But growth can’t consistently work like that, growth will always level-out (otherwise the word climax wouldn’t exist).

But it’s only rapid changes like this we notice. Why is that?

The human body can give us a good clue.

The human condition doesn’t allow us to be completely awake at every moment in the day. Our biological prime time causes us to feel more alert and less alert at different points in the day.

We’re not simply awake or asleep, but we’re very bad at noticing the difference. That is, unless you plot your energy level throughout the day on a scale of 1–10.

Image Credit: A Life of Productivity

There’s exciting growth like social shares, but they always hit a climax and tail off.

Or, there’s tactical growth, which creeps up the backstairs and turns out to be a major success.

When you consistently use tactical and strategic growth, it’s so quiet it doesn’t even seem noticeable because it’s happening quietly a little bit every day.

Strategic growth doesn’t make for a very sexy graph. But it is effective.

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