How to Optimize a Blog for SEO and the Tactic Used to Grow Organic Traffic by 223% in 2 Years


Why optimize a blog for SEO? Well, writing that doesn’t rank is content suicide. Content promotion is a laborious process that often doesn’t have a return on your efforts beyond the first or second week. I lived this pain for months. You see a steep rise and then the fall of traffic is as quick. … Read moreHow to Optimize a Blog for SEO and the Tactic Used to Grow Organic Traffic by 223% in 2 Years

Showing, Not Telling Is Still the Biggest Hurdle in Content

Many bad guest post samples have come into the Kayako blog recently. One reason was because the page was visible to Google, so Sir Spamalot and his friends were pitching me crap. But mainly what was wrong with the posts is the lack of depth they go into. They insist on telling, not showing. Good writing … Read moreShowing, Not Telling Is Still the Biggest Hurdle in Content

How and Why I Revamped the Kayako Newsletter Design

Please raise your hand if you run an email newsletter and you find getting clicks incredibly tough. Please raise your other hand if you think your newsletter design has something to do with that. Having someone open your email is the ultimate privilege but not providing something that’s relevant to their needs is the ultimate … Read moreHow and Why I Revamped the Kayako Newsletter Design

Strategic Steady Growth Isn’t Noticeable

We’re used to hearing about the next big growth hack where the Y axis suddenly shoots off the charts. But growth can’t consistently work like that, growth will always level-out (otherwise the word climax wouldn’t exist). But it’s only rapid changes like this we notice. Why is that? The human body can give us a … Read moreStrategic Steady Growth Isn’t Noticeable

Nice Reading vs Actionable Reading

When a reader tunes into a piece they have a certain goal they want to accomplish. They want to be engaged and taken on a journey. For a writer, the most interesting discovery you can make in both journalism (and fiction) is a transformation someone made in how they view, delivered, and experienced something. And here … Read moreNice Reading vs Actionable Reading

Everyone’s a Content Marketer

Everyone thinks that running a company blog is easy. You just write best practices about your product’s industry and suddenly you’re rich in traffic and email subscribers. What a fallacy. Everyone from the founders to the customer support department have an opinion on what the organization’s blog should be about. These opinions often fall into … Read moreEveryone’s a Content Marketer

Trust in the Digital World

We complain about an overcrowded digital world. “There’s so much content out there right now.” Yes there is, but we still find a way to consume it. A better question to ask is how do we prioritize what to consume? Are we still roped in by click-bait headlines or misleading email subjects? Or have we … Read moreTrust in the Digital World

Who’s Your Most Valuable Editor?

There’s nothing more useful than having someone edit your writing. Getting third party feedback can be the breath of fresh air that reinvigorates a piece of writing you so desperately need to bring to life. Intercom praised editors recently, but, with limited resources who’s your most valuable editor? A line editor will keep a close … Read moreWho’s Your Most Valuable Editor?

The Third Step in A/B Testing

Marketers have once again stolen what isn’t theirs: the A/B test. They have repackaged the scientific split test, and turned it into their unique piece of branding. Look, they’ve even hijacked the wikipedia page too. But at least they’ve kept the definition the same: A/B testing is a term for a randomized experiment with two … Read moreThe Third Step in A/B Testing