Strategic Steady Growth Isn’t Noticeable

We’re used to hearing about the next big growth hack where the Y axis suddenly shoots off the charts. But growth can’t consistently work like that, growth will always level-out (otherwise the word climax wouldn’t exist). But it’s only rapid changes like this we notice. Why is that? The human body can give us a … Read more

Is It Worth Doing If It Isn’t Great?

Doing something to the standard of good is actually average work. It’s true, the only two types of customer service you’ll hear about are excellent customer service and poor customer service. You’ll never hear someone talk about good customer service, because that’s the benchmark, the standard, the status-quo. Good customer serivce is ordinary. It meets … Read more

What Happens When You Can’t Win the Race?

In the western world we’re obsessed with winning. We have to be first, “if you’re not first your last”, we often tell ourselves. We see this behavior happen everywhere. This includes both our personal, and business lives. For our personal lives it could be how so many families are in crushing debt because they’re trying … Read more

The Third Step in A/B Testing

Marketers have once again stolen what isn’t theirs: the A/B test. They have repackaged the scientific split test, and turned it into their unique piece of branding. Look, they’ve even hijacked the wikipedia page too. But at least they’ve kept the definition the same: A/B testing is a term for a randomized experiment with two … Read more

Thought Leadership vs. SEO. Who Do You Write For?

When you publish a blog post for SEO, they’re often met with a sigh by your loyal readers. Yet, without SEO you don’t have any readers. Thought leadership is for your innovators and your early adopters. This is your first 100 customers and your first 1000 subscribers. SEO is for longevity, and for consistent traffic. … Read more

How to Get Social Media Traffic from Medium, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Marketers all over the internet know that social media can help bring traffic to their blogs or websites. It’s a message that’s shared far and wide, yet no one has included the recipe for that secret sauce. Yet, we’re dealing with a new kind of social media, or a social media 2.0. Before social media … Read more

Five Fundamentals of Simple SEO on WordPress . Com

Optimizing for SEO on (not .org, see the difference) can be tricky. This is because you’re not given plugin tools like Yoast or All in One SEO that can make search engine ranking easier. And, to make matters worse, WordPress tell you their blogs are built with SEO in mind, but they don’t actually tell you … Read more

What Twitter Growth Hacking Tool Should I Use?

There’s a constant pressure to have a professional presence on social media. It’s easy to stress over whether to choose Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest or even Google+. It’s down to you — the individual, but for twitter there’s an abundance of growth hacking tools to make your life easier. and are similar in … Read more