Craft out a Facebook Strategy and Get Readers to Your Blog

Everyone wants to pull traffic to their site from Facebook. But being active on Facebook is one of the main anxieties for any budding entrepreneur or blog enthusiast. There’s some specific ways to increase your reach, get more interactions and build traffic back to your blog. The only thing you need is a Facebook strategy. … Read more

The Simple Way to Get People to Read Your Blog Post on Facebook

One of the main issues with running a blog is getting readers. But attracting readers IS the hard part, it can be overwhelming deciding where and how to start. Many people use social media to attract new readers to read their blog posts, download their ebooks, or sign up to their mailing lists. But, if … Read more

How to Build an Email List Starting from Zero

Having an email list is the pinnacle aspect of an effective inbound marketing method. Book marketing is one of the best types of inbound marketing out there, and I believe there’s a surprising amount to be learned from book marketers. In my early days of training to be a marketer, I would occupy my spare … Read more

A Positive Lead. A Sample of Work. A mild Success

So this was one of the first pitches I made. It took a while for me to post this sample just because of an error on my part. Annoyingly I may have missed a good opportunity.  I got in touch with Natalie Sisson, and offered her some freework. What I didn’t realise is the Mail … Read more