Showing, Not Telling Is Still the Biggest Hurdle in Content

Many bad guest post samples have come into the Kayako blog recently. One reason was because the page was visible to Google, so Sir Spamalot and his friends were pitching me crap. But mainly what was wrong with the posts is the lack of depth they go into. They insist on telling, not showing. Good writing … Read moreShowing, Not Telling Is Still the Biggest Hurdle in Content

Nice Reading vs Actionable Reading

When a reader tunes into a piece they have a certain goal they want to accomplish. They want to be engaged and taken on a journey. For a writer, the most interesting discovery you can make in both journalism (and fiction) is a transformation someone made in how they view, delivered, and experienced something. And here … Read moreNice Reading vs Actionable Reading

Who’s Your Most Valuable Editor?

There’s nothing more useful than having someone edit your writing. Getting third party feedback can be the breath of fresh air that reinvigorates a piece of writing you so desperately need to bring to life. Intercom praised editors recently, but, with limited resources who’s your most valuable editor? A line editor will keep a close … Read moreWho’s Your Most Valuable Editor?

Writer’s Block Isn’t Real

Writer’s block is man made. It was a coinded phrase by psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler in 1947. Yet, we’re the only group suffering with this problem. The publishing industry has been around for 500 years, and before the 1800’s no one had any issues writing. Why are we first to have discovered the problem? Because writing … Read moreWriter’s Block Isn’t Real

The Job of a Writer

The job of a writer is different to a blogger. A blogger usually writes a vulnerable, journal like entry. A writer notices things and comments on them. The job of a writer is hard because self-awareness is hard. What even is self-awareness in writing? It’s the ability to speak up about shared truths, shared principles, … Read moreThe Job of a Writer