Without a Mission, Values or a Statement

Not every movement needs a declaration. But it helps focus us on our goals.

A mission allows to see what the end result of our actions will materialize as. In business often that’s filling the market with something that didn’t exist in that space before — and to be recognized for occupying that space.

Values allow us to shape our mission around the worldview of our potential customers.

We understand how our potential customers see the world and how we can relate to their problems. This is understanding that customer delight is an unnecessary step when providing customer service.

A statement brings both of these together.

For authors this would be: I’m writing a book for [audience] about [subject] to help them [result they can achieve] so they can [how their lives will improve].

Without focus we simply gamble on the next best strategy, and we’ll chop and change our approach consistently. It’s like getting from A to B, but the actual goal is getting from A to Z.

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