A Freelancer Course: “B2B Sales” (Your Client)

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What is your client afraid their boss will think if they say yes?

That I’m not qualified; “you took a gamble on unmesaruable results?”
“This is not important to us right now”
“What did you really buy?”

What would your client tell their boss to explain why they bought from you?

His strategy sounded legitmate. He wasn’t selling anything but helpfulness. He wants to be involved and see us do well, he can’t do that unless he knows our business inside out.

What would you like them to tell their boss?

I’ve found a guy who does digital authentic growth. He will come into the company and work with us on brand and content strategy, he has a system where he will find our target audience right down to a tee, and appear as though we’ve spent a lot on marketing when really we haven’t spent a lot at all – he’s been very surgical and precise and not wasted a penny of the budget.

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