A Freelancer course: “What Do You Provide?”

Carrying on in a similar fashion as my last post, A Freelancer Course: Who Are You? This is another section to complete via ebook hand out from Seth Godin’s Udemy course a course for freelancers who want to move up.

[Questions and header are from the course]

A Freelancer course: What Do You Provide?


What do people buy when they buy something from you?

I offer a service that provides authentic promotion of content without spending on advertising or other services. I’ll give them a transformaiton of their website that allows my client to expand in an authentic way. My plan is to build on their current platform and give their business growth with a longterm business plan in mind – something that has the ability to be relevant and powerful in 2 years time, not just now. A comprhensive service that is also scalable digitally arcross media platforms such as audio, digital print and video.

Leave out the easy, repetitive, generic stuff… What you are doing that’s difficult?

Gaining trust. There’s no lies in decite in which I offer. This is the path to truly good work, and work I am proud of and confident in will only get me more work as a freelancer.

Reliability. I’ll do the work I quoted that I’ll do, in a time frame that is efficent (but healthy for me). I think a remote freelancer comes with an air of “can this person really be trusted while they’re not in my sights?”

Efficient communication with clear intentions and updates, definitley something that’s lacked in work places nowadays – there’s always an air of “I don’t know what that other person is doing.”

Being able to say “I don’t know” sometimes not knowing the answer is ok and I need to be able to say that to my clients – “that/this is not the area of my expertise, I can’t do that for you.” Focusing on my skills, the ones that give truly measurable results and not just trying to learn a field that I have little to no experience in; patching up holes with bad work.


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