Challenging Your Comfort Zone

Change is scary for a lot of people. It challenges a person’s psych, shifts them out of a routine mindset, and asks them to readapt the way they do things.

If you imagine a dot in the middle of a circle, that’s where you’re most comfortable. Change moves us out of the center of our comfort zones, and brings us closer to the edge where things feel challenging and uneasy.

If you wanted to you could build a pretty cosy comfort zone for yourself:

  • Your normal morning routine
  • Go to your job
  • Head home, and have your evening meal
  • Watch your new box set on TV
  • Go to sleep

This routine may sound familiar, that’s because we all fall into this trap of status quo and comfort.

It’s easy, it doesn’t require any effort, we don’t have to think hard, and we can do it on autopilot.

We can actually live our whole lives this way if we wanted to, like an empty shell, never engaging in critical thinking or trying something new.

Taking leaps is scary but isn’t staying static just as terrifying?

Taking a leap doesn’t always have to be abandoning your circle of comfort zone, it just requires you to go close to the edge, often and consistently; If you dare of course.

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