Everyone’s a Content Marketer

Everyone thinks that running a company blog is easy. You just write best practices about your product’s industry and suddenly you’re rich in traffic and email subscribers.

What a fallacy.

Everyone from the founders to the customer support department have an opinion on what the organization’s blog should be about. These opinions often fall into three categories:

  1. People want to see more share worthy content. Does visibility result in value? Were the last 10 customers first touch point with your brand a tweet?
  2. People want to see more thought leadership. Is your product positioning strong enough to provoke, challenge, and help people see the solution that was never there?
  3. People want to see content that tackles a category defining topic. Is this what your target market want to read or what you think they should read?

None of these tactics are more important than the other.

A good place to start is knowing your product is needed in the market, but who is it for?

For any of these three strategies to succeed it requires truly knowing who your buyer persona is, and who you’re building your product for.

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