Craft out a Facebook Strategy and Get Readers to Your Blog

Everyone wants to pull traffic to their site from Facebook. But being active on Facebook is one of the main anxieties for any budding entrepreneur or blog enthusiast. There’s some specific ways to increase your reach, get more interactions and build traffic back to your blog. The only thing you need is a Facebook strategy.

When you start off building a Facebook strategy, you need to focus on the things that are working, and trim the things that aren’t. Posting photo and text updates are examples of things that work very well.

When I showed you how posting your blog post to Facebook can have dramatic effects on your readership, I didn’t go into the “why”.

Some questions you may have been left asking yourself:

  • Should I stop posting pictures and links?
  • Should I only be posting text updates on facebook?
  • Should I just blog on Facebook from now on? Or, if I post my blog on Facebook does that mean I shouldn’t share the link?

These are all genuine concerns, but let’s also put them to rest now, in one simple phrase: Keep doing what works for you.

How you find what’s working for you is by using your Facebook insights data, and clicking “posts” from the list. This will show you exactly what’s working, and what’s not.

You only need to glance at Facebook insights to see what’s working

At Kayako, we adjusted our Facebook strategy for this very reason. In all honesty, our reach was terrible and we weren’t seeing enough reward from the effort we were putting in.

I mentioned this in my previous post too, but I believe that Facebook punishes you for posting lots of outbound links (i.e. links taking you off Facebook and onto another site). This probably originates from reducing spam, but our efforts at Kayako were good willed.

We were actively trying to engage our audience with helpful links to blog posts and videos. We actively put effort into finding the best material for our readers.

We gave ourself the aim of putting out one external link to a good customer service blog a day. But the more we posted the less people we began to reach. We had to change our strategy.

Facebook strategy insights

After a quick rundown and analysis of the content, it was our blog posts that go out every Thursday at 9am, and Life at Kayako photos and Life at Kayako medium articles most liked, commented and/or shared.

From this we decided it would was worth going back to basics.

What works for us now is posting our blog posts as photos adding links at 9am when they come out every Thursday.

Facebook strategy success

Doing this increased our reach of over 1000 extra views each time we post.

And we’re slowly working on introducing photos of Life at Kayako into the mix to see how it effects reach and engagement too.

What Facebook strategy would work for me?

So if you’re blogging, start building trust with your audience by copying and pasting that blog into Facebook, and post at the optimum time.

Then share the link to the blog later that day, this is for people who may have missed your earlier post, or like to digest content differently by reading the full article off of Facebook.

For me what this technique would look like is:

  • Post text update at 9am
  • Post blog link at 2pm

Experiment with doubling up your link with a picture post at the same time to see which one gets the best reach.

Use your Facebook strategy to play Facebook at it’s own game

The reasons go deeper for copying and pasting into Facebook – you would do this to build a relationship with your audience.

But if you understand how Facebook works, you get to play it at it’s own game.

This is the way Facebook organizes posts on anyone’s news feed: if someone likes, comments or shares your post, the next time they log on, your post will appear nearer the top of their news feed.

Facebook assumes these interactions mean that the person is interested in hearing more from you. So if you keep putting stuff out that they like, your posts are more likely to be at the top of their news feed.

But there’s also another aspect to this, if they are engaged or moved by something you’ve written, then they’re more likely to click whatever you post next because they now trust you.

This is the very movement of building a relationship with your audience: Trust results in attention. Just don’t abuse that trust, because like bad customer service, it’s very hard to undo!

The way to keep this trust is by continuing to post quality content, and not quantity. It’s easy to measure what counts as quality content through the amount of people you reach, and the amount of likes, comments or shares you receive.

Your Facebook strategy doesn’t have to be complicated

It can be overwhelming and stressful to think that you need to be posting everyday and several times a day on Facebook. When we took a step back at Kayako and posted once a week, our results were a lot better for reach and engagement.

When you focus your Facebook strategy around building trust, you start to focus on quality and not quantity. Doing this builds a relationship with your readers. Once you have one reliable method of building your reach, you’ll see an increase of likes, comments and shares. This will slowly transcend into sending more readers to your blog website from Facebook.

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