Is It Worth Doing If It Isn’t Great?

Doing something to the standard of good is actually average work.

It’s true, the only two types of customer service you’ll hear about are excellent customer service and poor customer service. You’ll never hear someone talk about good customer service, because that’s the benchmark, the standard, the status-quo.

great customer service
Image: Kissmetrics

Good customer serivce is ordinary. It meets your expectations and it satisfies you, but it’s not remarkable. Remarkable is what we should strive for.

If you open up another route to contact your customers on social media will it be great? If you begin helping customers over twitter will your help be as good as Buffer’s, Starbucks’ or Hubspot’s?

If you begin marketing on Instagram will it be great?

  • Can you capture your office culture like WeWork?
  • Can you make office stationary exciting and playful like Staples?
  • Can you help people see and understand the world better like National Geographic?

If you start a content marketing program will it be great?

  • Can you help customers use your product better like Evernote?
  • Can you inspire people to be more thoughtful and creative like BrainPickings?
  • Can you make a new subject easy to try like Tim Ferriss?

The threshold for great is high, but it is possible to get there.

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