What Happens When You Can’t Win the Race?

In the western world we’re obsessed with winning. We have to be first, “if you’re not first your last”, we often tell ourselves.

We see this behavior happen everywhere. This includes both our personal, and business lives.

For our personal lives it could be how so many families are in crushing debt because they’re trying to keep up with the Joneses.

For our business lives it could be that your competitors have a team that out does your marketing department by a ratio of 3:1, so the content you produce doesn’t add up to compete on a mass scale.

When you’re at the losing end of the race it can feel a bit sickening.

You want to give up, but deep down you have too much pride to concede defeat. We have an underlying faith the underdog might win (and everyone loves an underdog story).

The real question is: why even engage the race at all? Why not start your own race? The race you can win. You’ll be at the head of the pack before your competitors have even noticed you’re running. And, the best part yet: you define the rules so you can always win.

Who’s race are you in?

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