How do you find your voice?

One of the most overused phrases in our online world today is: “I’m just finding my voice.” But how do we find it, or at least where can we start looking?

how do I find my voice?

It was one of those days where every time I looked down, it seemed like my stomach was hanging over my jeans, and I’d put on twenty pounds in the past fifteen days. It would have been easy to make an excuse, especially as the ground was hideously wet and there was fallen leaves around, but I decided it would be good for me. And besides, no one likes to be fat.

I felt the desire to run, the last time I did run was 20th October (cue muttering of something self-loathing to myself).

So I put on my running shoes and a podcast and off I went.

Oddly I chose a podcast I hadn’t listened to in a while, the unmistakable creative. This one featured Todd Henry, founder of Accidental Creative speaking on his new book. Todd Henry was speaking on the power of harnessing your authentic voice, and what that personally did for him as a writer.

In the show Todd tackles the subject of finding your voice, an overused phrase in this high demand entrepreneurial market. Todd tackles something incredibly important, he mentions how you don’t just pluck out your voice from a pile of dirt, like one day you just find it, and suddenly you have your web personality.

Todd emphasises the discipline on just getting started, and adjusting it as you go. He takes you through a lot of personal journey’s on the books he’s written in the past, and has some interesting aspects on writing and marketing.

“If you don’t route it in action, inspiration has a shelf life” – Todd Henry

Where is my voice?

I’ve consistently struggled with this going forward into the world of marketing and blogging. I somehow got into marketing with the idea that the best way to proceed forward was engineering myself as an entrepreneur, showcasing something that I had done, and something I could be recognised by.

I always thought to get my dream job that I needed to have an online status, or a personal brand (to quote a buzzword). While that’s not untrue, because it helps, the deeper cause of this was finding my own voice.

I’ve always wanted to contribute online with value. I’ve always felt potential in me for good and maybe great things, but execution has always been hard to do. I have a lot of half finished projects, and that’s not because they’re failures it’s because I’ve just not seen them through to the end.

I trace my mind back to the beginning of this journey and see where this came from. I have been influenced by bloggers all of my life, and I’ve always liked the fact that they’re writing to and for me, I feel connected. But that’s part of being human isn’t it? Feeling connected to those around you, even if this digital divide doesn’t mean they’re actually there.

Do I even have my own voice?

My voice has always been geared toward: finding yourself in your job and working life.

In my opinion, we spend far too much time there for it to just pay the bills. I’ve had seven years of bad jobs, up until recently when I began my working life at Kayako, that all changed.

The problem was, it’s not that they were just bad jobs, I changed industry three times during that period.

I started out in the music industry, then Psychology and education, then I made the switch to marketing.

That’s always been hard to put on a CV/resumé and you don’t get many interviews that way either. I’ve never had a niche of what I’m great at, or at least I’ve struggled pin-pointing that. I’ve always felt I’ve had a lot of skills available on a wider spectrum which contribute than singular function; perhaps a “jack of all trades.”

But from this experience, I have successfully seen my journey fall into a career I finally feel at peace with, but when you make this remarkable changes for yourself, you can’t help but feel how much you want to help.

I feel like I know a thing or two about career changes and job satisfaction and demands now. I hate the idea of people being miserable for eight or nine hours of their day, sitting there, clock watching where they’re thinking “after this hour it’s only four more hours to go!”

I’ve been there and I don’t recommend it.

So I want to help, but I don’t know how. An ebook, a podcast, guest posting?

Who knows… But maybe when I find my voice I might, or maybe I could just start now, because all I do otherwise is keep looking for something that needs nurturing from zero.

Picture credit: Alice Popkorn

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