It’s Hard to be a Cardboard Cut Out

Job hunting is hard, especially when you start shotgunning CVs off to companies for interviews. But it’s harder when you have a little bit of entrepreneurial drive because it almost feels unnatural. You start to get frustrated in the interview process, when you realise you have so many different skills available that you can’t get the words out because of a shopping list of qualities that’s hard to bullet point. And that’s when you realise you’re not a cardboard cut out and perhaps the freelance situation is for you.

Welcome to your new job!

When you have that entrepreneurial drive, you feel almost annoyed at the company thinking “that’s all you want me to do!?” This could come off as arrogant or it come off as knowing your own skills and values you can offer a company.

Today I went for a job interview to test the waters of what was out there and leave my current position as a Special Needs Teaching Assistant. Some people write cover letters that say I, I, I. But I took a new approach, I applied for a role as a recruitment consultant trainee position, my aim was education sector, I know it like the back of my hand. So I researched the biggest problems of recruitment officers. And presented a situation in the cover letter of exactly what I could do to help, I broke it into categories of showing an understanding of their problem, and how I could help solve that with MY SKILLS. I was really happy with this approach, it got me 2 interviews of 4 (next is on Monday), and it felt authentic. So what’s with my gripe?

The fact the interview was in fact to be a candidate on their books of a recruitment agency. Ok I can accept I’m not going to be put in front of a boss straight away. But it was the actual interview process that was frustrating. Given a one-to-one situation I could understand the companies needs, wants and where they wanted to head.

With a room full of other graduates, it was people trying to debate the minutiae of a sinking ship. Literally; we were given a task of survival skills and to order items in way that reflects their importance. This does not reflect my ability to be a recruitment officer at all! What it might show is how I can communicate effectively in a room of gaggaling 22/23 year olds.

Future interviews of this kind will be forgone. My first question will be, “is this a one on one interview?” And hopefully the answer is yes, if not I will ask to be unselected from their candidate list.

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