The Last Person to Know the Master Plan

The master plan for going forward, building bridges, and innovating change is inspiring for everyone in the business.

Hearing the ambitious goal, or the rally call to go and change the status quo empowers employees to go and do their best work.

Plans to do big business often start from the top and trickle down to the lower level.

What is it like being last to hear about this drive for change?

For the ambitious employee this can hurt. They want to be included in the planning, to take their work to a higher level with the business. After all being left out hurts. Weren’t you ever picked last in gym class?

There’s three common ways why this information is never shared:

  1. The worst case scenario is the information doesn’t trickle down at all.
  2. All the information on implementing change is locked up in the boardroom like some corporate secret.
  3. The employee is just supposed to get it. There’s no clear definition on what it is but they’re just supposed to learn it by osmosis.

Taking the inspiration away from employees is sure route to failure and high employee turnover.

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