Linchpin Book Review and the Art of Giving

I don’t normally do book reviews, and that’s because if anyone’s going to buy a book, they’ll use amazon book reviews. But I thought this was worth writing about here. This book is perfect for anyone looking to get started in their own creative venture. It’s the book to read if you’ve ever wanted to create and wanted to add value to others lives.

Linchpin Book Review

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This was my first Seth Godin read, which is crazy because he’s such a successful entrepreneur, and if you want to travel that route you tend to read things by these kinds of people. But rather than a linchpin book review, I would say this is more of a teardown of what I’ve learned and what’s applicable.

This book is written for the person who wants to shape their own life with art, and giving away art. Seth consistently writes about giving away things for free, and in turn once you create something beautiful or worthwhile. There are probably chances you’ll be rewarded financially. Finical gain isn’t the point of this book at all, and it shouldn’t be your focus either. The book should inspire you to create and give.

I found inspiration from this book in that manner and created a guide of “7 health changes to reduce stress now.” The guide was written from my experience in dealing with an overpowering amount of anxiety I suffered in January 2014, I systematically tried different tactics to overcome that problem and put my best success down to these 7.

Why did I choose 7?

Easy really. It’s a guide that takes a week to implement, you do one, once a day and then review how you feel at the end of the week to how you felt at the beginning of the week. Pretty simple really. I thought long hard about what to do with this guide so I just threw it up on reddit to see how it would fare among the masses (found here).

This was my act of giving, or at least my first act. I’m field testing some ideas to see if they’re successful. I’d like to make a career in helping people, and I feel like stress and anxiety are always going to be prominent. This felt like a good way to start and I will keep trying until I find a route that allows me to build a career and do something good in return.

My biggest takeaway in my linchpin book review:

Of course I recommend reading the book, but I think I took the book’s most important advice. Take action and give, give your art for free otherwise you’re going to be stuck being a cog in the wheel of a life you don’t want to live. There’s one good quote towards the end of the book “it’s better to try and fail than it is to just fail.” I’ll try to live by that, and keep up my art of giving.

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? How to drive your career and create a remarkable future


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