Case study: The Price of Experience Book 2 year Anniversary!

I thought I’d write about a mini anniversary for myself, and that’s because it’s 2 years since the start of realising I quite like marketing. In this post I delve into the very thoughts and processes it took me to realise this and working on The Price of Experience book for my friend Stephanie.

The Price of Experience” target=”_blank”>Price of ExperienceThe Price of Experience book: 2 years since it’s release and 2 years since I started on this journey as a marketer.

The Perfect Target Market

Back in the day where I knew relatively little about marketing, I did some great things. I got Stephanie’s book in a student magazine for probably the most effective target market.

In short The Price of Experience book, is mostly about a woman finding herself in the world but back in the post second world war era. It filled with characters that will resemble people in your real life, because the book has so much depth and it’s so well written they are timeless characters. More importantly to the target market, it’s a romantic story at heart.

So why’s the romance important in The Price of Experience book? Simply because the target market at Birkbeck University is mostly women who are 30+. Birkbeck is an evening university, it’s where people go to further their careers, and build on their work experience. Generally the typical view of students (18-22 year olds) is the minority at Birkbeck.

So this stroke of lucky genius contributed to finding the perfect target market. Book, that talks about love and experience in growing up, woman in her 30’s or 40’s currently studying at University gives them the hope of having something similar to the “University experience” in the book, throw in a romantic love story (Margret Atwood style) and boom you’ve got the nail on the head for the demographic.

A bigger thing to note here though, is that the magazine is free to pick up and is printed and stacked in piles to collect surrounding the entry hallways. I was even collecting these mags and leaving them open on P32 (my article) all over the Costa Coffee shops within the university for a couple of days.

How did the book launch go? Well I’ve read that book launches are useless and I agree, we didn’t really promote it like that. The launch was just an excuse to have a glass of champagne in a book store at 9:30am on a Friday morning! It was mainly for friends to come down and celebrate, well worth it for that reason. But the bonus was, the friends that came down helped shift a few copies which helped it sell out it’s first run in 2 weeks.

On reflection now, my decisions of when and where to target are a lot more calculated. I guess I just had a knack for it when I started out; that or I was just lucky. Either way book marketing is tough and I’m looking forward to working on a HIV: self help book that comes out later this year.

The Price of Experience book is available here

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