How to Get Social Media Traffic from Medium, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Marketers all over the internet know that social media can help bring traffic to their blogs or websites. It’s a message that’s shared far and wide, yet no one has included the recipe for that secret sauce.

Yet, we’re dealing with a new kind of social media, or a social media 2.0. Before social media has been used primarily as a link dumping ground, and that was really effective for driving traffic.

Now, social media platforms have turned into a bit of a cul-de-sac. It’s a lot harder for posts to generate traffic since the introduction of posting algorithms for users.

Of course you can repurpose content, and that’s a great way to get a new audience from blogs, but we’re more interested in redirecting traffic from social networks with giant communities. That’s communities that congregate on Medium, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The new way to get traffic from social media is first, build trust. Only once you have done that are you allowed attention. Here’s how you can build a following on social media networks, and bring them back to your blog:

How to get Medium traffic to your blog

Medium’s target market is startup lovers and founders. If you’re looking to add more of a personal spin to your article, it’s definitely well received with Medium’s audience.

Consider marketing giants Hubspot who run their own Medium publication Read Think. And in particular inbound marketer, Lindsay Kolowich.

On the Hubspot blog you can see Lindsay being super productive, and averaging one post a week. While that may not seem like much, a lot of Lindsay’s blog posts feature examples of some research based marketing tips to inspire you into better social media marketing. If you’ve ever written one of these articles, you know it can be exhausting going out to find all this information.

Yet, check on her on Medium, and you can see exactly how she likes to spend her time when one of these informational resources isn’t all that interesting to collate. While reading that post, once you get deeper into it, you can see her promoting all of the content she’s been working on at Hubspot.

When you post to medium focus on personal stories, and life lessons. The aspect of being human and vulnerable really works on this audience.

How to get Facebook traffic to your blog

This a little more than getting people to read your blog post on Facebook.

Facebook is a great place to connect with your audience, simply because it would seem like a privilege (or at least unusual) to be friends with a founder or an entrepreneur. It’s the perfect place for an informal post, with a very casual writing style, it’s also the place you can really formulate your own opinion on a subject.

A great example of someone who does this very well is Charlie Hoehn.

Charlie has a book, Play it Away, that’s all about curing your anxiety issues through play. His Facebook status updates are a must read if you’re looking for discussions on anything such as emerging research, the importance of play, nutrition and anything else that could be related to living well.

Charlie Hoehn brings in social media traffic from facebook

Use Facebook as a way of building trust, and attention through active discussions or posts that aren’t quite right to publish on your blog.

How to get LinkedIn traffic to your blog

LinkedIn is a little strange for posting or reposting your blog on. Ever since LinkedIn opened up Pulse for anyone to publish, it’s now a place full of spam and poor content, but there is the occasional diamond in the rough.

So why would you publish a post on LinkedIn?

If you are a Freelancer or a job-hunter, you want to publish a post on LinkedIn that represents the work you’ve done in the past, such as a write up of a case study.

Alternatively, you can use LinkedIn’s publisher to drive LinkedIn traffic to your blog.

Here are some examples of what we did at Kayako:

LinkedIn isn’t the place for thought leadership, unless you were (and still are) a featured Pulse writer. Now, use it as a way to compliment your career and profession. It’s the perfect place to demonstrate some of the best work you’ve done through examples.

Start attracting social media traffic by building an audience

Above are three simple ways of attracting new audiences to your blog, from Facebook friends to potential employers. Understanding the audience is imperative to reshaping your work to be relevant to that audience.

It can be overwhelming to try them all simultaneously, but pick one and start experimenting with which will bring you the most social media traffic, and create new relationships with new readers.

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