The Job of a Writer

The job of a writer is different to a blogger.

A blogger usually writes a vulnerable, journal like entry. A writer notices things and comments on them.

The job of a writer is hard because self-awareness is hard. What even is self-awareness in writing? It’s the ability to speak up about shared truths, shared principles, and shared goals and challenge them.

Its to understand a reader’s (or buyer persona’s) point of view, understand their pain, frustrations, and lead them to a new way of thinking.

It’s getting someone who doesn’t agree with public health funding to understand the value of the NHS.

It’s getting someone who believes immigrants only take from their country to understand that immigrants actually give back more than they take.

It’s getting someone who believes that mindfulness is just for people that kick around a hacky-sack to understand that it can help them live a calm, happier life.

It’s a message that says: I understand you, who you are and what frustrates you. I’m not here to make you believe something new or scary, but I’m here to ask you to think differently, even if it’s just for a second.

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