This Time next Year Where Will You Be?

It’s amazing what can happen in year.

Each year it gets to the end of July and you’ll see teachers celebrate the end of the school term. If you’re the standard office worker you might even feel slightly jealous. Who wouldn’t be? Everyone loves six weeks off.

I’m not jealous. Why?

Because this time last year puts a stake in the time I decided to quit, and I quit a lot.

I quit:

  • Pursuing a masters degree
  • Pursuing a career as a Clinical Psychologist
  • Working in schools (forever)

But what about “Quitters never win and winners never quit”? Well how about this:

Winners quit fast, quit often and quit without guilt.

I quit fast, am I winner? Maybe.

Since quitting all of the above, today marks the day of true evolution for me in the bravest decision I made: changing careers.

In less than a year, I went from working as a teaching assistant to being featured on the highly prominent marketing blog, Hubspot, offering my advice to other fellow struggling writers and marketers.

In these 10-months I started as an intern, fast tracked into a full time employee, and now I have a pay rise.

The greatest things happen when you take the biggest leaps. 

While I condone risk taking, this life changing move didn’t come with out preparation. Between September 2014 to September 2015, I worked my ass off on volunteering on projects and dabbled in some freelancing too – all while working full time.

There’s definitely a systematic structure to making the leap: changing careers and finding a job you love. I’m quite happy to share my methodology – so please, do drop me a comment or message, and I’ll show you how.

[Final closing note:] I did consider myself quietly confident and somewhat modest. But today? Fuck it – I’m a winner.


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