Thought Leadership vs. SEO. Who Do You Write For?

When you publish a blog post for SEO, they’re often met with a sigh by your loyal readers. Yet, without SEO you don’t have any readers.

Thought leadership is for your innovators and your early adopters. This is your first 100 customers and your first 1000 subscribers.

SEO is for longevity, and for consistent traffic. This is your readers that are a little late to the show, and they aren’t quite familar with your unique angle.

Fitting them both into your editoral calendar is tough work. One keeps your loyal readers interested, the other allows new readers to find your work two years down the line.

So who do you write for? Do your loyal readers need to hear about it now, or do your new readers need to hear about it in 6 months?

Crossing the chasm isn’t just for product adoption, it applies to every group, tribe or community that follows you.

Thought Leadership vs. SEO

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