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Keeping in spirit with my practical guide for reading this book, more-so than a traditional Trust Me I’m Lying book review. I just think it’s important to do a review on a book in a style that can help you in life in many practical ways, especially with a book like this one; a memoir/confessions book can always offer a lot. Especially dwelling on successful (and non-successful) events from a person’s life.

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There’s plenty of Trust Me I’m Lying Book Reviews on amazon, so here I’ve written a way of incorporating this into my marketing career. After all that is what this books primary purpose really is.

This book’s number one use is to give you an idea of how to get momentum in the press. Although the book challenges ethical and not-ethical routes, and Ryan Holiday has held his hands up to admit both. This is the area you will get the most use.

So in the book Ryan Holiday has proven that to gain momentum in the press is through (terminology he has called) trading up the chain. For instance, while designing my press release and marketing strategy for my project Confident Sexual Health. I realised that it’s important to take a strong position on the angle. For instance the biggest mistake was not being strong enough. But now I understand that we have to have an anti-drugs treatment philosophy to see the project succeed. Doing this allows us to target media and be easy for them to portfolio us and have a label or pigeon hole for their write ups. We could also be controversial in other ways such as being anti-porn etc.

Second, after acquiring that identity, it’s all about having a headline to write about. Here’s an example of what I did and press manipulation (on their part) in action. I was testing the market for potential subscribers in the field who may want PE treatment. Going back to my earlier reference of using an anti-porn outlook, I wrote a piece titled: “Can Porn use Increase the Chances of Premature Ejaculation in Young Males?

In the article I went onto explain a hypothetical situation where a porn user can increase their chances of PE through heightened arousal, time constraints and carrying that over to sex. However my original headline was manipulated by the editor from my original to “Are Men Watching too Much Porn?” simply because the article had been up 4 days and hadn’t acquired any comments yet, despite being over 700+ views.

The weird thing is, the most often use in media manipulation is to gain page views because the writer gets paid per advertisement generated on the page. In short, page views pay. So I can only hope that the editor did this out of good will and wanting this kind of information to spread or go viral within their community. I have to admit, I thought it was a subject that would take off for discussion. But perhaps highlighting porn use in young men can make them react by not reading it through guilt – I don’t know.

The next best thing to acquire from my Trust Me I’m Lying Book Review, is that in a press release you want the blog or media company to feel they’re writing about a first glance/exclusive of hot news. Simply put, fresh material equals constant news, constant news equals constant pay. So the blogs and media sites love to battle about being the first to press something. This is the system that really helps things go viral, this is also where trading up the chain comes in handy too.

For instance, in my press release for Confident Sexual Health, once our fully finished Premature Ejacualtion treatment guide is ready for launch I would probably contact my local paper, Dr. Robert Watson’s local paper, all sexual health blogs. Once I hear positive responses or see a print that we’re “At war with drugs and physical treatments” for PE. I would then pass these links onto bigger grossing blogs that might have a health section, something like Huffington Post, MindHacksPsyBlog as just short examples (from highest viewed to a lower viewed blog). If the system that Ryan Holiday has detailed within his book is correct, then we should see a lot of page views hit the site. In turn the result should hopefully see conversions, if not seeing subscribers increase.

However there will also be a backlash to expect too. For instance there is a forum website designated to PE treatment and the owner of this site would perhaps be against our movement, and this is probably on the basis they have affiliate links for the pills and sprays/creams they sell for the treatment. As always though, this kind of talk is always good for publicity.

Scandals and outcries only increase your reputation (whether good or bad) on a global scale, it’s how you deal with this backlash that determines the damaged to your company. But as always, if you’re authentic and you’ve got nothing to hide, then you should be fine.

I wrote this piece listening to Caribou – Can’t Do It Without You

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