What Twitter Growth Hacking Tool Should I Use?

There’s a constant pressure to have a professional presence on social media. It’s easy to stress over whether to choose Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest or even Google+.

It’s down to you — the individual, but for twitter there’s an abundance of growth hacking tools to make your life easier.

Narrow.io and Tweetfavy.com are similar in that they grow your audience in the background in exchange for a small fee every month. At Kayako, we’ve tried them both out, but now it’s time to suggest which one maybe best for you.

This is a personal analysis on whether either of these services are right for you in building your personal brand, or building and growing your business.

Here’s a quick run down of both services features and price packages. First I will share the growth results (but that doesn’t mean it’s immediately the best):

  • 146 Followers in seven days from Narrow
  • 71 Followers in seven days from TweetFavy

Narrow review for twitter growth

The Basic package is good and you get a lot for your money. From what I could make out initially, upgrading the package just allows you to add more accounts and all features are consistent across all packages.

Tool Narrow review for twitter growth pricing

Basic would even work for just the Kayako twitter account. But if we are aiming to grow a following for twitter accounts for senior members of the company, such as Varun Shoor, Tejawsi Chawla or even our personal twitter accounts – it would be useful to have the Pro or even Business account.

The Dashboard is super simple, you can easily search your target words, and it’s so easy to navigate. It’s very much a plug and play app, then you sit back and watch the results.

Highlight feature: You can add a keyword for a bio search as a target

Narrow review for twitter growth - Narrow_target_bio

There’s always a but…

But…unlike tweetfavy there seems to be a limit around the control you have on your audience, it’s quite unclear how Narrow does grow it’s followers. You just choose a keyword, and that’s it – no choosing follow, like, or ReTweets.

This is a limitation, if Narrow is on autopilot and adding you followers in the hope that they’ll add you back, then your tweet feed could be clogged up with people you don’t really want to hear from.

Tweetfavy review for twitter growth

Starter limits you to “likes” only, whereas Basic and Professional allow you to setup follows and retweets. If you’re really on a budget (and I mean really), then starter will have to do, but you’ll see plenty more results using the basic package.

Tool Tweetfavy review for twitter growth

We tried the Elite plan (which oddly isn’t listed), and I had to get in touch with support to find out what was in our actual plan.

Elite is essentially the same plan as Professional, but with the adjustment of unlimited targets. What would make Elite worth the extra $10-a-month is the new integrations they’re planning: auto direct messages and auto-replies (two functions we would have no intention of using).

Highlight feature: The complete control over whether you want to Follow, Like or ReTweet!

A close second is a location filter. Combine the location filter with a hashtag of an event, and you’ll have plenty more followers!

Pro tip: Kayako’s co-founder Jamie Edwards used tweetfavy and recommends:

“target mentions of specific blog or site URLs. Also look at people sharing X content and likely to follow Y person.”

There’s always a but…

But… One of the biggest issues is that you can only add one account onto the package you pay for. So if you’re trying to build followings for more than one account simultaneously, then this will become very expensive very quickly.

Conclusion: Narrow versus TweetFavy

Narrow’s dashboard could offer a little more than just conversion rates, as Tweetfavy gives engagements and followers. Narrow gives a mix of both, but it’s just a little unclear.

The bonus of Narrow is it gives a list of followers for each keyword you’ve chosen. This is useful for exploring if you’re actually attracting the right audience.

If you’re a person that loves full control, Narrow will feel limited, as you can’t choose targets via likes, follow and ReTweets like in Tweetfavy. Perhaps the bonus is by just setting your keywords it does it’s growth methods effectively, and that’s 75 more followers in a week more effectively!

I would personally pick Narrow.io, growth performance was a lot better, and for an automated tool it seems to be a lot more personal.

Business versus personal account

In short the services are very similar. If you’re an individual looking to grow your own account, then it’s how much control you wish to have. If you love the idea of fine tweaking and adjusting pick TweetFavy.

But if you want to grow your twitter audience in the background, and you want something that’s plug and play, pick Narrow.

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