Where Should You Write?

Did you know: 4 out of 5 of bloggers write outside of work hours?

Creating a first draft is a private practice. It’s hard to share a first draft because it takes a certain level of comfort to be ready to share. This is why writing in a public place is hard work. But writing in the office is tougher.

Being judged about your work can stifle creativity, and as writers we’re our own worst critic.

When a person is writing around you the same applies: watching somebody write can stifle their creativity, and it just encourages our inner critic.

For the writer, as each word you type flows you can feel eyes peering over your shoulder; reading, assessing.

“Is what I’ve written good or bad? What are they thinking?”

Your creative mind begins to withdraw and you become conscious. Click! That’s it, the flow is gone and so is the inspiration.

“I’ll just pick it up tomorrow.”

If you see someone writing in the office it’s not an invitation for reading, feedback or a cue to use it as a conversational piece. It’s a privilege that they feel able to create in your space.



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