Who Is Writing For?

It’s for you. Both the second person “you”, and the reader that is “you” – the person seeking the answer, fact or story.

But the act of writing, who is that for?

It’s for yourself, not your business or industry blog, but the small act of writing everyday that helps you fall in love with your art.

It’s the little 5-minutes you use to remind yourself why you do all this in the first place: the book, epic guide or industry insights.

The value of writing everyday is immense both in terms of potential readership, but also through the bounds of personal progression.

It doesn’t have to be this long epic guide or how-to manual. If it’s a quick one minute note on important observations about the world, then it’s still worth putting out there.

The value of putting out your writing into the world is much higher than you think.

Writing is articulating your thoughts. Through writing more you get better ideas and you become better at communicating.

And when you become better at communicating, more people will listen, respect you and follow you because your thoughts and your ideas matter.

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