Who’s Your Most Valuable Editor?

There’s nothing more useful than having someone edit your writing. Getting third party feedback can be the breath of fresh air that reinvigorates a piece of writing you so desperately need to bring to life.

Intercom praised editors recently, but, with limited resources who’s your most valuable editor?

  • A line editor will keep a close a close eye on your grammar, and make sure every full stop is in place.
  • A copy editor will make your writing more poignant and bring it to life for your reader.
  • A strategic editor will pick your quotes, stats and unqiue posting angle. Yet, they didn’t say how valuable this editor is.

I like to think of a strategic editor more as a project editor

A project editor is your most valuable asset because a great project editor thinks how you think. They know how you would write a piece, and it’s like you’re sharing the same mind because they know, share and deeply understand your audience’s worldview, and the way you communicate with them.

A Project editor is an essential hire for the writing entrepreneur, and they’re the right person who can take your publication from great to excellent.

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