What to Do When You’re Not Part of the Cool Gang

Marketing on the internet holds similarities to life on the school playground.

Trust me. Go, browse the internet. Look for any blog post that’s titled “15 Experts Weigh in on [your industry and your customer’s number one problem].”

As you scroll through the post you’ll see: number one, is a competitor, number two, an affiliate of your company, and number three, a publication you posted a guest blog on. By the time you get to the bottom, you’ll be baffled why you weren’t asked your opinion.

But that’s your subject area, why weren’t you included?

It hurts, doesn’t it.

The funny thing is, they’re never experts. It’s simply a list of the cool kids that get together to share stories. They collaborate over common interests, and values – just like the cool kids at your old school.

So how do you be apart of this cool gang?

Well, do you have the same interests or values as this cool gang?

Probably not, and that’s why you were never asked to weigh in.

In marketing it’s very difficult to grow on the back of your own efforts. This is why we have to lean on others to helps us grow bigger.

Unfortunately, like the cool kids on the playground, the cool kids in marketing don’t often want another member in their group.

So a better question is, how do you create your own cool gang, one that shares the same values, mission and interests as you. That’s how you get called up for advice.

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